Complex Care Support

Service Standards – PEER

Prometheus Complex Care will always maintain a holistic patient centred care plan, maintaining empathy and dignity throughout the observational booking.

Secure patient transfer team


Decisions about care and treatment must be appropriate to the patient, and must be performed to current national guidelines and/or current, available evidence-based practice.


Patients, their families and carers should be fully involved in decisions about care, support and treatment.


Providers, commissioners and other relevant organisations should work together to ensure that the quality of commissioning and provision of mental health care services is equivalent to physical health and social care services.


Patients, their families and carers should be treated with respect and dignity and listened to by professionals.

The selection of staff members to undertake enhanced observation will take into account the presentation of the individual as well as unique characteristics and circumstances (including factors such as ethnicity, sexual identity, age and gender).

Prometheus Complex Care observations are carried out in a way that respects the patient’s privacy as far as practical and minimises any distress.