Complex Care Support


PCC provide highly trained mental health nursing staff who are skilled in observation , de escalation and management intervention (DMI) and are all fully restraint trained in line with bild accredited which is highly respected to ensure the upmost patient safety whilst promoting least restrictive practise.

We are also onboard with the restraint reduction network as our only aim is the improved well being and recovery of the client at the earliest opportunity.

Secure patient transfer team


Complex Care

Whilst carrying out our initial risk assessments we also complete an environmental one to ensure this is as safe a space as possible. PCC has its own clinical documentation which our RMN completes in collaboration with the client to ensure continuation of care.

Prometheus Complex Care are highly experienced at providing care that will be therapeutic whilst maintaining safety using the agreed levels of observation, this expertise offers a consistent level of care of both the physical and mental well-being of the individual patient.

Prometheus Complex Care mandate is to work collaboratively with the engaging Trust/Council/Community Teams to ensure our ‘Complex Care Wrap Around Service’ is fully integrated into the patients care plan.